On a case-by-case basis, 789 Group can help secure commercial business financing through our third party sources for different types of businesses that need funding quickly and conveniently. Our underwriting and funding sources will strive to locate the most advantageous financial structure available in the marketplace for the Client given the specific situation of that Client. As stated before, we can help provide commercial business financing for complex and difficult situations across many industry sectors.

For those companies that are unable to obtain financing from traditional lenders, our sources can help provide a solution for companies that require creative and prompt funding. This could include companies that: experience rapid growth, have seasonal needs, have increased fixed asset needs, want to acquire a business, purchase real estate, expand a business, refinance debt, acquire machinery, equipment, furniture, or fixtures, construct a building, renovate existing property, provide additional working capital, etc., as well as companies experiencing: financial problems, insufficient earnings, and general cash flow problems.