Studio XXI – Strategic Investment

Studio XXI is an intimate hideaway located in the iconic Chelsea neighborhood, modeled after a classic recording studio. The venue combines a mixture of warm woods, soft natural materials, and rich tones contrasted with clean modern lines. The rich design blends unique elements, including a state-of-the-art DJ booth with performance capabilities, plush banquette seating, beautiful antique mirrors, exposed brick walls, deep chestnut wood floors, and lavish chandeliers. Large windows illuminate the space with the lights and energy of 6th Avenue without compromising the opulence and sophistication of New York City’s upscale nightlife. Studio XXI offers patrons a multi-faceted venue where they can enjoy an exclusive, yet comfortable atmosphere.

A strategic investment for 789 Group, Studio XXI was able to progress beyond mere concept with the support and development resources to revitalize a forgotten space and create this highly successful haven for NYC’s local and visiting elite.